A selection of recent art boards by Robyn Brown

❤️ = Sold
* = For Sale

1. “Stairway to Heaven”❤
2. “Zebra” ❤
3. “Impossible is Nothing” ❤
4. “Uhuru” ❤
5. “Wingi”❤
6. “Patchwork Quilt”❤
7. “New Beginnings”❤
8. “Expansion”❤
9. “Dugon”❤
10. “Moonsong”❤
11. “Earth Tides”❤
12. “Perhaps Love”❤

️13. “Wedding” ❤
14. “Mana Gaia”❤
15. “Unity” *
16. “Kia Kaha”❤
17. “Rainbow Serpent”❤
18. “Love”❤
19. “Corona”❤
20. “New Earth”❤
21. “Freedom”❤
22. “Golden Age” ❤
23. “Devine Union”*
24. “The Seven Sisters” ❤
25. “Black Betty”❤
26. “Desert Dreaming”❤
27. “Age of Aquarius” ❤
28. “Whale Feather”*
29. “True Colours”*
30. “Unity 2”*
31. “#BLM”*
32. “Star Blossom”*
33. “Hope” ❤

34. “Trade Winds”❤

Black Lives Matter * (for sale)

My personal demonstration of the social injustice to honour the #BlackLivesMatter movement and indeed to honour the unified energy that indeed All Lives Matter.
To the many minority groups have that have been persecuted throughout the course of our history, this is no longer acceptable.
In these historical times #justiceforgeorgefloyd became our benchmark of a unified people’s coming together to begin righting the wrongs so heavily weighing on this Mumma Gaia’s Heart.
All people expressed this is No Longer acceptable. This Demonstration of Love and Unity will Lead the Way forward on this New Earth.
To the Many Millions of Peoples of Minority that lost their right to Freedom and their lives… Love and Light… Robyn – Eakara Wahine

Devine Union * (for sale)

Seven Starseeds each side in balance, harmony and unity.
Honouring the Devine masculine collaborating together
into the unified One Heart.

A section of the Devine Union board

My Chiron return is letting me face and transform my soul wounding into my biggest gift…bridging this rainbow bridge for humanity to awaken and re-member why we were alive in this magical time in history.
20 years ago I turned my back on Corporate life, to start my journey into the healing arts. 20 years later I find myself in a Serendipity Sanctuary for a time. Creating art, love and gratitude for all that is during this Pandemic that has changed our landscape forever.
Forever humbled I chose to be of service these last 20 years, as I have touched more soul’s lives than I could have hoped to otherwise.
Blessings and Love to you and yours…Mahalo Nui.

Love and Light…Robyn – Eakara Wahine

Freedom ❤ (sold)

Feels like our new Freedom blueprint.
Get through the dross of the matrix to reveal the fresh lush clear living breathing planet in all it’s abundance. In flow with nature.

Sitting under the trees looking at their last expression of heaven on earth in their flowering hearts.
Before the next transition back to prana source energy light force.
What often feels like the end…is a new beginning.

Love and Light…Robyn – Eakara Wahine